Quantum Memories Laboratory (QM LAB) Lab Leader: Prof. Wojciech Wasilewski

Within the QM Lab we develop techniques of precise control of single photon holograms encoded in an ultracold atomic ensemble by means of strong laser light. In particular, we seek to demonstrate the modulation of stored atomic holograms as well as new method to retrieve holograms that are typically unretrievable by means of typical Raman-scattering schemes.

The research is carried out using a magneto-optical trap allowing us to cool and trap an ultracold (< 1mK ), elliptically shaped cloud of rubidium atoms. We use cameras sensitive to single photons that have been assembled in our lab.

Our research forms an important part of the lively field of quantum memories research. It is also one of very few scenarios that explores spatial properties of light and atomic ensembles. Development of holography-inspired methods and ways to manipulate stored holograms will lead to a processing scheme, in which we will be able to create, manipulate and
retrieve holograms in a variety of new complex ways. We aim to be able to prepare photons and atoms in states precisely engineered for applications in quantum metrology, communication or computation.


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Lab Leader

Prof. Wojciech Wasilewski

Team Members

PhD students:
Mateusz Mazelanik

Pavel Halavach

Krzysztof Lasocki

Jan Ciepielewski